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L’ère du vide

Dans une lettre publiée lundi dans le Devoir, l’écrivain et cinéaste Jacques Godbout se plaignait de la critique qu’avait reçu son dernier livre. Selon lui, le critique du Devoir, Louis Cornellier, avait décidé d’avance qu’il allait le «planter». Le Tour … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on the language police

Only in Quebec would people challenge the dominant language’s right to assert itself. If you went to Germany, it would never occur to you to start operating a business in Spanish without providing German service as well. 80% of Quebecers … Continue reading

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“We can’t afford a higher minimum wage”

If you can’t pay your workers a living wage, perhaps you shouldn’t be running a business. People say it’s up to workers to “work harder” and be entrepreneurs themselves if they’re not happy. Such people seem to think that everyone … Continue reading

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Badiou sur les élections

Une entrevue pertinente avec Badiou sur les élections. À écouter et à ré-écouter chaque fois qu’on parle d’élections et du vote. (Vous pouvez sauter à 2:20.)

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Plenty of fish in the sea

So what are the odds of finding a perfect or near-perfect match? Let’s take a look at Montreal. Population is 1,886,481. But then almost half of these people are men. There are 973,315 women in the city. But then of … Continue reading

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Low voter turnout

Why should we worry about low voter turnout? Why is low turnout always framed as a problem of “disengaged” citizens? “If only those stupid voters were more engaged with the electoral process!” Why? What is there for them to engage … Continue reading

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Why it’s hard to get people to care about privacy

Daniel J. Solove, “Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security,” Yale University Press, 2011: In many instances, privacy is threatened not by a single egregious act but by the accretion of a slow series of relatively minor … Continue reading

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