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À quoi sert le Salon du livre?

À quoi sert le Salon du livre? On n’y trouve rien qu’on ne trouverait pas en fouillant chez Olivieri, Port de tête, Gallimard, Zone Libre, etc. En plus, le Salon prive nos librairies indépendantes des précieuses ventes du boom du … Continue reading

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Donner aux gens ce qu’ils veulent

Normand Baillargeon est un homme brillant. Ses livres sont passionnants. #tlmep — Guy A Lepage (@guyalepage) November 17, 2014 Bizarre, donc, que pour chaque Baillargeon ou Deneault, il invite à son émission une vingtaine d’inoffensifs promoteurs des commodités du jour. … Continue reading

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Willing instruments of propaganda

Though we often make fun of the conformity of thought found in other, supposedly less free, countries, we make nothing of the fact that here, from November 1 to 11, it’s unthinkable for anyone to be seen on TV without … Continue reading

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Lefty Love

Amazing anecdote from Doug Henwood’s piece on progressive hero Hillary Clinton: It’s widely known that Hillary and Bill met when they were students at Yale Law School; it’s less known that their first date essentially involved crossing a picket line. … Continue reading

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