Shameless welfare queens

Bombardier is planning to offshore more jobs “even as it seeks a billion dollar bailout from Canadian taxpayers.”


If you’re on welfare or unemployment, we make the process of getting help as difficult and degrading as possible. And we employ inspectors to make sure you’re really deserving of government assistance. But if you’re a corporate buddy, we give you piles of corporate welfare cheques no questions asked. No promises of future job creation needed. Even the old blackmail (“If you don’t give us what we want, we’ll leave!”) is no longer required. You can literally close up shop in Canada and we’ll happily keep giving you handouts.

You wake up every morning to pay taxes so your hard-earned money can be redistributed to undeserving large corporations on the dole. And you’re supposed to be mad for having to “pay for” the single mom “abusing the system” on welfare.

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