Watchdog press, eh?


Pretty embarrassing how everyone ate up Trudeau’s propaganda.


Before the press conference, he literally begged for someone to throw him the softball: “I’m really hoping people ask me how quantum computing works.” Some reporter asked him and he gave the answer he’d been rehearsing all morning. Then his PR people got to work planting the story everywhere, cool sexy geek PM does it again! Is there anything this man can’t do! Most publications even gave him the sweet Trudeau-outsmarts-the-sarcastic-reporter angle. He fucking asked for the question.

Also embarrassing is that the reporter doesn’t even really ask that question. He just sort of laughs off Trudeau’s earlier request. (“I was going to ask you to explain quantum computing but…,” laughs, and proceeds to ask his real question.) And then Trudeau’s like “No, no! I’ve had my lines memorized all day! I will say it! I will have my manufactured viral moment!”

When “reporters” do PR for you, they’ll let you use a cheap media stunt to distract from the Saudi arms deal and Attawapiskat crisis. Not only that but their collective effort will sometimes (often, it seems) make you go viral worldwide.

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