What the people want

Professional reporters and editors provided extensive coverage of Trudeau’s elbow hit. They weren’t satisfying the public’s desire for nonstop coverage of the non-event. By covering it so much, they were the ones telling us it’s important.

This shows again that mainstream media don’t give people “what they want.” They give people very narrow choices, people then “choose” among those, and it becomes “what the people want.” The media give the public a choice between X, Y, and Z. The public samples the options and “chooses” X and, voilà, the “market” has spoken. What they never say is they never offered as real choices the 23 other options.

Same goes for music, movies, art, literature, etc. The mainstream content providers shape rather than reflect what people want. For example, people don’t have a natural aversion for foreign films. Foreign films are unpopular mostly because for most people they have never been a readily available option. Movie theatres and cable networks don’t play them, so people don’t develop a taste for them. Superhero movies are popular because they’re available everywhere. Similarly, there is no public aversion for extensive coverage of social issues. “Dislike” for it is a media fabrication, just as “preference” for unimportant fluff like “Elbowgate” is a media fabrication.

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