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Watchdog press, eh?

Pretty embarrassing how everyone ate up Trudeau’s propaganda. Before the press conference, he literally begged for someone to throw him the softball: “I’m really hoping people ask me how quantum computing works.” Some reporter asked him and he gave the … Continue reading

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Harper seeks to destroy our rights so jihadists can’t

Harper says his new bill is needed to protect “rights that violent jihadism seeks to destroy.” In other words, his strategy is to really strip us of rights to prevent jihadists from someday maybe possibly destroying our rights. The bill, … Continue reading

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Un débat des chefs en anglais?

Je suis d’accord avec Bock-Côté ici. Pourquoi un débat des chefs en anglais? Le Québec est une province francophone. Le français est la seule langue officielle du Québec. Si la minorité francophone, disons, de l’Ontario demandait un débat des chefs … Continue reading

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