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Somehow, the case for democracy and elections never has to be made

Some commentators already want to bring “democracy” to Cuba: Democracy is a universal right, not something that only some peoples or some cultures deserve. Having an exceptional healthcare and education system, or defying a concerted attack by a global superpower, … Continue reading

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Bush, Clinton, Trudeau, and democracy

Greenwald makes an obvious point that, for some reason, not enough people have been making: Having someone who is the brother of one former president and the son of another run against the wife of still another former president would be … Continue reading

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Quelques notes sur PKP, les médias, les élections

PKP. L’idée selon laquelle PKP n’aurait plus d’influence sur son empire est carrément risible. Le filtrage au moment de l’embauche, par exemple, n’est qu’un des mécanismes par lequel on peut garantir que la plupart des patrons et journalistes en place … Continue reading

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Anarchopanda has decided to run for Parti nul

Julien Villeneuve, the philosophy professor better known as Anarchopanda, has decided to run for office: In an inteview with The Gazette, Villeneuve makes the case that there really isn’t much of a difference between Quebec’s major parties. He cites the … Continue reading

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Badiou sur les élections

Une entrevue pertinente avec Badiou sur les élections. À écouter et à ré-écouter chaque fois qu’on parle d’élections et du vote. (Vous pouvez sauter à 2:20.)

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Low voter turnout

Why should we worry about low voter turnout? Why is low turnout always framed as a problem of “disengaged” citizens? “If only those stupid voters were more engaged with the electoral process!” Why? What is there for them to engage … Continue reading

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Badiou sur les élections

À l’approche des élections municipales du 3 novembre, il peut être utile d’écouter ce qu’a à dire Badiou sur le vote. (Pour sauter l’introduction, avancez la vidéo à 2:19.)

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