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Watchdog press, eh?

Pretty embarrassing how everyone ate up Trudeau’s propaganda. Before the press conference, he literally begged for someone to throw him the softball: “I’m really hoping people ask me how quantum computing works.” Some reporter asked him and he gave the … Continue reading

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“Real journalism”

Stop telling journalists to do “their job.” They are doing it. What we call “real journalism” is, and, as far as I can tell, always has been, the exception. The journalist’s job is to fill up space between ads, paraphrase … Continue reading

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Willing instruments of propaganda

Though we often make fun of the conformity of thought found in other, supposedly less free, countries, we make nothing of the fact that here, from November 1 to 11, it’s unthinkable for anyone to be seen on TV without … Continue reading

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Harper government seeks to use Ottawa tragedy to strengthen powers of surveillance, detention, and arrest

This is insane: Sources suggest the government is likely to bring in new hate speech legislation that would make it illegal to claim terrorist acts are justified online. The Prime Minister told the House of Commons on Thursday that Canada’s … Continue reading

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You’re a socialist? Do you not remember the Soviet Union?

Chomsky, from 1:42:47 to 1:55:20, explains why Soviet leaders and Westerners referred to the Soviet system as “socialism.” Considering how often the question in this post’s title gets thrown at leftists even today, Chomsky’s analysis here is still very useful.

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